Football Student Ticket Lottery Information

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A Partial Survey of Student Ticket Allotments

Away game tickets are not available through the Virginia Tech Athletic Ticket Office.

Go here and log-in to see if you were chosen for the lottery.

Report The Sale of Student Tickets:
Under the Student Ticket Policy: Individuals that sell or attempt to sell a student ticket for profit are in violation of Virginia Tech Athletics' student ticket use guidelines. Individuals that are found in violation of this guideline are subject to loss of ticket privileges.
If you know of a student selling a ticket obtained in the lottery, you can report it here.

It is a violation of the Virginia Tech student ticket policy to manipulate, or duplicate a student ticket to fraudulently gain access to an area of the stadium. Each student is expected to sit in the seat they were assigned for their season ticket, or the seat they claimed in the individual lottery. Students caught using duplicated tickets to gain access to an area of the stadium different than the location they were assigned will have their student ticket privileges revoked. In addition, the individual that provided the ticket for duplication will also have their ticket revoked for the remainder of the season and their student ticket privileges revoked.

The 2014 Virginia Tech Football season promises to be an exciting one. As a Virginia Tech student you have the opportunity to turn Lane Stadium into a real home field advantage. This is your chance to be part of the action.

Individual game student tickets will be issued by means of an online electronic lottery. This page will continually provide all the information necessary to sign-up for tickets to each and every one of the home games for the 2014 season. But before we get to the registration instructions, let us give you a brief understanding of how the lottery process will work.

  1. Bookmark This is your gateway to the lottery process. Completely read the following instructions before continuing to the next page.
  2. Follow the link at the bottom of the page to be taken to the game selection page. There will be a link for all the games that are currently accepting registration. Usually it will only be one at a time, but occasionally there may be multiple lotteries going on at the same time.
  3. Click on the open game link to be taken to our online student verification page. You will be asked to provide your Virginia Tech PID and your password. This will be checked to verify that you are in fact a full-time student here at Virginia Tech.
  4. Your personal information will then be displayed and you will be required to verify that information. Once you've had a chance to check it over click on the submit button to enter the lottery.
  5. A Sign-Up Confirmation page will be returned. If for some reason your information doesn't check out, you will be returned an error message instead of the Sign-Up Confirmation to let you know what piece of information wasn't verified and what needs to be done to correct it.
  6. Once the cut-off date has passed, the lottery will be run on all valid submissions.
  7. Once the lottery has been conducted, each individual registering will receive an email. Successful registrations will receive an email containing a link for the pick-up page. Follow that link to the barcoded pick-up receipt you will use to pick up the tickets. Your receipt will also have a time listed. That is the time you may come to the coliseum to claim your ticket. Unsuccessful registrations will be retained and notified in the event tickets go unclaimed.
  8. Individuals wishing to sit together must give their barcoded confirmations to one person and that person comes to the Coliseum to pick-up the tickets for the group.
  9. Tickets will be distributed at the Student Ticket Office, located in the lobby of Cassell Coliseum.  There is a 30 ticket limit for each group.
    Individual game tickets for parents or friends may be purchased by visiting and clicking the "Buy Tickets" link.

    There will be no student guest tickets available during individual game lotteries. Accordingly, student tickets claimed during the electronic lottery process cannot be converted to guest tickets at a later date. This allows us to ensure that a student ticket issued will remain with a student when the stands fill up on game-day.
  11. Winning registrations will be required to pick-up their tickets within a pre-determined time. Student tickets will be distributed at random. Any tickets not picked-up within that time frame will be forfeited and redistributed.
  12. In addition to a student ticket you will need to present your Virginia Tech Student ID card at the gate for admission to games this season. Students without a valid Virginia Tech Student ID card will not be allowed to enter even if they have a student ticket.

So that's how the process is going to work. Our main objective in creating this process is to remove the doubt from the distribution process. Once handout begins you will already know if you will be getting a ticket.